My Third Vogue 1027

I love Vogue 1027, and after making it two times already, not counting a muslin, I think I have almost all the kinks worked out.  The first one I did was back in December, and it was constructed on my sewing machine.  Once I got my serger, I knew that the next incarnation needed to be constructed using serged seams.

My first version of Vogue 1027

My first version of Vogue 1027

In the meantime, my coworker borrowed my first version to wear to her husband’s Christmas party and gently requested that I make her one of her own.  It was a bit of an ego boost that someone liked something I made well enough to want to own one themselves.  I agreed to make one for her for her birthday and turned down her offer to pay for the fabric.  I directed her to my favorite fabric website, Gorgeous Fabrics, and she picked out this lovely print:


I set to work constructing a “practice” dress that was intended to be mine that would give me the chance to fine tune construction on the serger.  Unfortunately, the dress turned out all wrong.  The elastic I used to stabilize the shoulder seams ended up on opposite sides of the seams so they wanted to lay in opposite directions.  I finished the neckline with a coverstitch instead of the single fold binding that I had used on the original dress resulting in a lackluster neckline.  And to top it all off, the fabric — a print from Joanns that I just loved — was four-way stretch not two-way stretch.  What I ended up with was a stretched out bodice that makes it look like I’m not wearing a bra and things are all…saggy.  Not a good result.

But the failed garment served its purpose, and I was prepared to tackle my coworker’s dress.  Everything went smoothly, and I was so so so pleased with the final results that I knew I had to make the dress one.more.time so I too could have the perfect Vogue 1027.    But that is a project for another time.  I gave the dress to my coworker right away, even though her birthday isn’t until May.  Unfortunately, I was too excited to take the time to get some good pictures of it before it left my possession, so I had to beg her to send me one for my post.  That’s okay.  I’m pretty sure she loves it, and I’m glad it makes her happy.


My coworker in her new dress.

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~ by yentair on February 28, 2013.

One Response to “My Third Vogue 1027”

  1. I love the fabric she chose! It reminds me of octopus tentacles (a very good thing in my book). How very kind of you to make it for her!

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